Temple Ohev Sholom and Sisterhood rely on the generous contributions of congregants and friends to supplement annual operating funds and to ensure our viability into the future. As a not-for-profit organization, all contributions to the Temple and Sisterhood are tax deductible according to current IRS regulations. Please see the information below for details on contributions

Contributions to Temple Funds

Contributions to Temple Funds may be made to the following funds:

Alex White Library Fund- contributions are used to purchase children’s books in the Temple Library.

Barbara Kessler Assistance Fund- provides emergency confidential funding for Congregants with a critical pressing financial need.

Building Fund- provides funding for major repairs and improvements to the Temple beyond the normal maintenance activities in the annual budget.

Camp Harlam Scholarship Fund- contributions provide financial assistance for Temple youth who attend URJ’s Camp Harlem.

Diana Sauertieg Beautification Fund- this fund is used to pay for indoor and outdoor beautification projects for the Temple building and grounds.

Mildred Hand Library Fund- provides funding for books and periodicals for the Temple Library.

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund and Cantor’s Discretionary Fund- contributions to these funds allow the Rabbi or Cantor to direct their usage at their discretion according to fund guidelines set by the URJ.

Religious Education Fund- contributions to this fund will be used to provide religious school scholarship assistance to families in financial need.


Robert and Francine Brenner Sacred Music Fund- helps the Temple cover the additional budget costs of salary and benefits for a full time Cantor.

Robert Woldorf Youth Fund- fund provides for educational programs for Temple youth.

Steven Harpster Memorial Youth Scholarship Fund- fund provides financial assistance to youth going to Israel.

Temple Fund- money in this fund is used to supplement the Temple expenses for projects, budget items, and other needs.

Youth Activities Fund- provides funding to assist Temple Youth Group programs.

Minimum contribution to these funds is $10.00.  Please mail contributions to the Temple c/o Michelle Darr or email  For convenience, download a copy ot the Tribute Card form (Click Here) and mail to the Temple office.


Contributions to Sisterhood

Contributions to Sisterhood may be made to the following funds. The minimum contribution to the Sisterhood Funds is $5.00. Please download Sisterhood Tribute Card containing mailing and email addresses for Alison, Marcia, and Fran (Click Here).

General Tribute Fund- monies help Sisterhood meet its financial obligation to the Temple. Mail contributions to Alison Rosen.

Margaret Friedman Emergency Aid Fund- used to sustain the committee that functions during the time of bereavement. This vital committee serves the bereaved family as needed. Mail contributions to Alison Rosen

Doris O. Zaritzky Memorial Fund- uses contributions to benefit the youth of the Temple. Mail contributions to Alison Rosen.

Cradle Roll Fund – commemorates the birth of children and grandchildren of Sisterhood members. Mail contributions to Marcia Epner.

Alter Flower Fund – funds are used for supplying floral arrangements for the Bima. Mail contributions to Fran Casher.

Annual Kol Nidre Campaign

Each year at Kol Nidre, Temple members are asked to reflect on the value that the Temple adds to their lives.  We all rely on the Temple for a wide array of programs and services, and the reality is that dues just do not cover all of the operating expenses for the year.

Operating a Temple is expensive, and we have come to appreciate and expect a talented clergy and dedicated staff, a beautiful building, and quality religious and cultural programs.  Temple members are strongly encouraged to contribute within their means to enhance the Temple’s operations and ensure we remain financially viable through the coming year.

To make your Kol Nidre Campaign contribution, please contact Michelle Darr at the Temple office,  Or, you can print out the Kol Nidre Campaign card (Click Here for link) and mail it to the Temple.

Endowment Contributions

Contributions to the Temple’s perpetual endowment funds provide everlasting support to future generations.  Endowment decisions are unique and personal.  For a confidential appointment to discuss your endowment wishes, contact Ohev Sholom President Stacy Feldman or Rabbi Kessler.