Position Name Chair
President Stacy Feldman
President Elect Seth Mendelsohn
Vice President Aaron Krause
Financial Secretary Linda Stewart Spec. Membership
Treasurer Brad Winnick Budget & Finance
Secretary Bruce Feldman Plaques & Memorials
Immed. Past President Larry Kluger Nominations
Trustee Rebecca Morrison Program
Trustee Christine Berger Program
Trustee Fund Raising
Trustee Dave Feldman Facilities
Trustee April Hutcheson Publicity
Trustee Susan Symons / Steven Ettinger Social Action
Trustee Barbara Plesco Religious School
Trustee Reyna Jose Worship
Trustee Chad Harvey Membership
Trustee Bulletin
Trustee Dave Feldman House Chair
Trustee Abby Goddard Caring Community
Trustee Sara Brown / Patti Hivner Sisterhood Co-Presidents


The following are committees of the Temple Board. We are always happy to have help. If you see something that looks interesting, please contact the temple office or the person on the board who chairs that committee to them them know if your interest in serving.

 Bulletin Committee– the Bulletin Committee is responsible for collecting and organizing articles and advertising for the monthly Temple Bulletin. Committee members coordinate with article and advertising contributors, assist as needed with editing, and coordinate production issues with the printer.


Fund Raising Committee– the Fund Raising Committee will identify annual fund raising opportunities and assist other committees with their fund raising activities. Committee members will plan and manage all aspects of the fund raising events.


House Committee– the House Committee is responsible for the operations of the Temple’s physical facilities, including the grounds and buildings of the main sanctuary, the religious school building, the Bookstaber Chapel, and for the performance of the maintenance and custodial staff. Committee members plan and oversee maintenance and refurbishment, conduct periodic inspections for cleanliness and general building condition, and supervise the installations of plaques and artwork.


Information Technology Committee the Information Technology Committee evaluates software, develops online resources, and maintains the Temple’s network infrastructure. In addition, the Committee provides user support and desktop computer repairs. Committee members will have the opportunity to work on the Temple website, configure and deploy network equipment, install software and repair personal computers. Members do not need to have a background in computer science, just an interest in learning.


Membership Committee– The Membership Committee members provide the primary contact with prospective members who are interested in learning about and joining Temple Ohev Sholom. Membership Committee members meet with prospective congregants personally or by telephone; answer questions concerning Temple policies, activities, and services; and mail packets of information. Membership Committee members help new Temple members feel welcome and become acclimated to the Temple Ohev Sholom family by participating in the annual Open House, hosting new members at New Member Shabbat, and through hospitality at Temple events and Shabbat services. Membership Committee members also interact with current Temple Ohev Sholom members in a membership retention effort and become involved in situations where members may be considering resigning from the Temple. The Membership Committee also develops programs and materials for marketing Temple membership benefits.


Programming Committee– The Programming Committee is responsible for arranging social programs throughout the year such as planning the Rosh Hashanah Oneg, Yom Kippur Break-the-Fast, Simchat Torah and Purim Temple dinners; coordinating the annual Leadership Shabbat service with the Rabbi; organizing the annual Open House held in August of each year; and serving as liaison with the Jewish Federation of Greater Harrisburg’s adult education initiative known as “Treat Yourself.”  Committee members’ assistance is needed and encouraged to help participate in the planning of one or more of these events.


Publicity Committee– the Publicity Committee supports the Temple by writing and distributing information on Temple events and activities. Committee members will be involved in developing written informational and marketing materials and distributing them for local publications such as the Temple Bulletin, the Temple website, the Community Review, and other publications. Major events such as lectures and other presentations may be submitted to local newspapers. Posters for events will be developed and distributed to coffee shops, book stores, and other venues.


Religious School Committee– the committee’s purpose is to evaluate all religious school activities and to provide support to its Principal, teachers and students through monthly or bi-monthly sit down discussions with its members (team) called “Committee meeting nights”.

The committee reviews the religious school student programs and involvement of its students, parents and volunteers. The committee will also address any situations that may cause short or long term effects (positive or negative) with religious school students. The committee is also responsible for oversight of the library.


Social Action Committee– “Reform Jews are committed to social justice. Even as Reform Jews embrace ritual, prayer, and ceremony more than ever, we continue to see social justice as the jewel in the Reform Jewish crown. Like the prophets, we never forget that God is concerned about the everyday and that the blights of society take precedence over the mysteries of heaven. A Reform synagogue that does not alleviate the anguish of the suffering is a contradiction in terms.”

–Rabbi Eric Yoffie, speech to the UAHC Executive Committee, 2/98


The Committee will help educate the congregation on matters of social/political importance to the Jewish community as well as provide meaningful volunteer activities for young and adult members.


Worship Committee– the Worship Committee serves as the primary linkage between the Congregation and the Clergy on the conduct of worship services. The committee recognizes that Temple members come from a wide diversity of Jewish backgrounds; they work to develops ideas for services and religious music that will appeal to the broad range of religious expectations of the Congregation and enhance their spiritual experiences.  The worship committee is responsible for assigning ushers for all services.  Committee members will plan, organize, and implement a wide variety of youth oriented events and help guide the youth group toward interesting and fulfilling activities.